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Our Story


After 30+ years in the skin care and fragrance industry worldwide, I have found one thing to be certain: When a woman looks better, she feels better. I founded Skinprint® in 2002 with this simple idea in mind.

As the chemist and founder, I felt the responsibility to formulate skin care products which are personalized and actually deliver on the promises made on the label. This is why in 2002, when I started Skinprint® , I spent over a year reflecting on the market and the women that I had been associated with for over those 30 years. As a result of that intensive reflection, in 2003 I applied for a patent

for a completely novel approach to creating efficacious skin care. I was granted the patent in 2008 entitled “Process for formulating customized skin care products,” patent number #7349857.

This patent validated the idea of delivering efficacious skin care products to women in an honest, personalized, and effective manner. Thus, Skinprint® was born.

Skinprint® currently partners with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skin professionals worldwide to continue to deliver this message of product integrity and personalization.

Study & Authorship

Skinprint® founder Robert (Bob) Manzo has worked worldwide in the US, Europe, Central & South America, and Asia. In the course of these travels and work experiences, Bob has had the opportunity to develop skin care and fragrance products directly with international partners. He worked with clients to study skin interactions, listen to feedback, and refine his approach.

Bob has subsequently published hundreds of technical articles through the years on skin care and the applications of ingredients in different approaches to skin care. Read Bob’s articles on our News and Insights page.

research & discovery

Bob holds 15 patents in a variety of disciplines including:

Cosmetic preparations
Controlled-release technology
Pharmaceutical preparations
Nano-particle technology

Research into the newest ways to analyze skin, complete clinical trials, and develop new ingredients is a constant and ongoing process at Skinprint®. The newest Skinprint® Skin Analysis Equipment allows skin professionals to document skin anatomy and physiology and then develop plans to improve skin based on those analyses.

Innovation in Product Formulation

Skinprint® professionals are experts in the art and science of skin care product formulation. Since we understand skin from the very basic levels through the development of our own Skinprint® Skin Analysis Equipment, we are able to use this expertise to then combine skin care ingredients effectively. All of our products are formulated within our company and are completely proprietary, unique, and original. We do not resell our products to others nor do we use other company’s formulas.


The art and science of skin research, selection, and formulation is a lifetime endeavor. You will find in each bottle the culmination of all those aspects of intense work by our smart and talented team.

Skinprint® presents the highly complex science of skin in easy-to-read and clear information blocks called Skinatomy™ for our technical professionals as well as our loyal clients.

Education & Knowledge Sharing

Bob travels internationally to give symposiums on skin care to all levels of professional skincare providers. Bob trains physicians on how different ingredients interact with skin. He also teaches professionals how to use skin care products for both at-home and professional use. Bob even performs one-on-one skin analysis consultations on clients to provide solutions to their unique skin challenges.


The inspiration for Skinprint® came from the countless women I have met throughout the years. Despite all of the growth that Skinprint® has had, the awards the company has received, and all of its technical achievements, one thing validates all of the hard work: our customer’s constant positive feedback. In our opinion, Skinprint® has the best and most loyal customers in the skin care industry!

Thank you all…

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Get sneak previews of special offers and upcoming events delivered to your inbox. You’re signing up to receive Skinprint promotional email.